Thursday, 14 August 2014

Prom Hunt

Senior year..... the bliss..... the stress.... the performance tasks...... Seniors Night?

So here's the situation, most people I know already have ideas on who to take for our Seniors Night which is "prom" for others. It's Seniors' Night for The Assumption schools. Meanwhile, this girl with the fringe that can bust a move to Call Me Maybe, cannot even get one date..... life is hard when you're not popular, life is hard when you blend in the background, life is hard because I am me. 

A small girl that I am, I usually don't get noticed by boys my age because they all think I'm too 'child-looking' or too small, well I say ef that poop. Size doesn't define one's capabilities and weaknesses, it's genetics. One's beauty is subjective, to one person he/she may be ugly but to another he/she may be the most beautiful creature one has ever seen. 

Prom Hunt. The premise of my post. I am currently in the middle of a dilemma whether to ask some guy I barely know or this other guy who is younger than me who I presume is gay but he's a great friend nevertheless. lol

I still have about 7 months to look for a partner, but damn, I am so lazy to pick a partner. Oh well just as long as he's not shorter than I am, we're good to go.

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